[icq-devel] client news ! =)

raddy rad2k at mail.ru
Fri Dec 14 02:15:15 CET 2001

Douglas McLaughlin wrote:

> At 05:41 PM 12/13/2001, you wrote:
>> Hey, just wanted to let you know i fixed my seq num problem ;).
>> so...My client is sending and receiving common messages!.
> I certainly hope you are documenting all this!
> Doug
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actually ..nope.

and im not really willing to -sell- my brain.
but ill be making the libicqv7 project in a couple of days.

so EVERYONE will be able to communicate using the v7 protocol under the 
C language, or even making a .dll in windows an others importing their 
exported function addresses and calling them, i dont know! i just want 
everyone to be able to use the v7 protocol once i finish my stuff.



im fixing some mem problems in the damn client heh

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