[icq-devel] client news ! =)

Daniel Tan datan at seas.upenn.edu
Fri Dec 14 05:12:54 CET 2001

speaking of seq numbers, i notice that some seq numbers seem to
be anathema to the icq server (ie. immediate disconnection).

ie. i start from a certain sequence number (say I have a long contact
list & keep sending info requests) & increase them sequentially.
after a certain number, it gets disconnected. if I log back on
& start with that same sequence number, I get DC immediately.

anyone have any idea? ie. certain range, certain bit pattern is

thanks all

Douglas McLaughlin wrote:
> At 05:41 PM 12/13/2001, you wrote:
> >Hey, just wanted to let you know i fixed my seq num problem ;).
> >so...My client is sending and receiving common messages!.
> I certainly hope you are documenting all this!
> Doug
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