AW: AW: [icq-devel] Odigo [off-topic]

Gerke Preußner j3rky at
Thu Dec 13 20:57:22 CET 2001

>> Could you _please_ code a tool that removes all history from a DB? my

>> DB is so broken that dbconvert crashes whenever i try (but the DB 
>> works ok in icq) and i dont want to lose my contacts

i can send you a dev release of ICQMerge. it is already able to extract
all possible contact information (not only your contact list but also
UINs from people who once sent you a message but weren't added). you can
then export all contacts to ICQ's .clb format - that should solve your

you should also be able to browse the database content (if its not too
damaged). if ICQMerge doesnt help you at all, i would like to analyze
your broken database (if its not too big and if you dont mind sending it
to me). contact me in icq #9016570



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