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Gerke Preußner j3rky at
Thu Dec 13 15:30:56 CET 2001

>> I'm thinking about decoding the Odigo protocol. However, I've
>> never decoded a protocol before, can anyone tell me where or
>> how I should start?

it's very very difficult if you have nothing to start with.

the best way is to try some 'directional guesses'. if you
know the functionality of a program, you can ask yourself how
YOU would have implemented it. this approach surely wont let
you decode the whole protocol, but sometimes you can find a
place to start at (coz many programmers use the same solutions
for certain problems).

after that you can try to incrementally extend your knowledge
about he whole thing. with every item you can read, you're able
to figure out some more.

im currently trying decode the complete ICQ database format (you
can already find some docs online, but those are very incomplete
and/or faulty). everytime i think that i figured out 100% of the
format, im finding new (and even more complicated) structures.
since several weeks im able to read the complete database data
and structure. however, im still not fully able to create a working
database without using DBConvert.exe to repair it. im sure you will
have the same experiences when decoding a network protocol.

anyway, the most important thing is not to give up :)
good luck m8,


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