[icq-devel] client news

raddy rad2k at mail.ru
Thu Dec 13 00:50:57 CET 2001

hey people, wanted to let you know my client is receiving messages 
perfectly! at least the common msg-type 1 messages, and im being able to 
send messages too! but in a weird situation, just if i receive a 
message, i can send a message, else i get disconnected.

that makes me wonder why, i believe its a sequence number issue, ive 
seen logs and it seems the Messaging Seqnums are totally independent 
from other SNAC seq nums?

Whats going on? If i want to send a message to someone, without having 
received a message from anyone, do i need to randomize a SeqNum?. or use 
the last command i got from the server seqnum?.

ill still take a look ,

enjoy, ./rad

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