[icq-devel] dumpingicq.exe

raddy rad2k at mail.ru
Wed Dec 12 00:16:10 CET 2001

Douglas McLaughlin wrote:

> Yes.  I do contract work for Amiga now.  It was my previous ICQ 
> efforts that got me that job.  :-)
> Doug

Woha you work for Amiga? Could you get me some Amiga tshirts? =)
And how could your ICQ Efforts get you the job?

Btw, PEOPLE i was able to read my first incoming ICQ message with my 
client EEeheEE

Massimo, i might have some corrections to make to the document, if you 
dont mind i will send em once i finish the client and im done with 
coding, its taking 900% of my time hehe.

still the document kicks ass ;)


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