[icq-devel] WEEeeeEHAAAa

Hugo Buddelmeijer hugo at doemaarwat.nl
Tue Dec 11 08:38:39 CET 2001

On Tuesday 11 December 2001 01:37, you wrote:
> Hey!! im just happy its 00:37 am in here and cuold finally get a
> "radthree changed status tu Online"
> my client is ALIVE!!!!!! its alive!!!!!
> im still missing the code of message sending and everything
> but my client changed status to online!!!
> lets party! lets bring champagne!

i'll toast with you, right now my client is online just over 24 hours w/o 
being disconnected! I did spend more then 20 hours to get it this far, but it 
finally works :-) I'm so happy also :-)

btw, it is written in mirc-script, so ppl on irc can icq me and i can msg 
them back w/o being there :-) (and sms me in the feature)
and actually it is the only language with which i know how to do tcp/ip stuff 
(anyone knows a good starting place on the web to learn that for 
c/perl/anything?), but on the other hand it is extremely difficult to get a 
good structured program in that language... but everyone here seems to be 
doing it in c(++) so mirc-script might be more usefull anyway

actually how often should I send a keepalive packet? currently at 30 seconds, 
but i think that's a little bit to often


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