[icq-devel] Question on jcq2k: How to keep it alive

Steve mcchau at shellyeah.org
Tue Dec 11 05:12:24 CET 2001

Hi all,

Regarding the server time-out problem of jcq2k I brought up yesterday, I have found some new clues.

I've found that the culprit lies at line 493 in "ICQMessagingTest_Applet.java":
The "login" method call on plugin never returns:
	plugin.login(getMyLoginId(), getMyPwd(), getContactList(), MessagingNetwork.STATUS_ONLINE);

The problem can be ultimately traced back to the "setStatus_Oscar_Internal" method of Session.

Here is the relevant excerpt from the log file:

org.jcq2k.MessagingNetworkException: icq server operation timed out: loginSequence_50waitForWwwAolComPacket [logged off on behalf of messaging server or due to a protocol violation]
	at org.jcq2k.icq2k.Session.setStatus_Oscar_Internal(Session.java:3493)
	at org.jcq2k.icq2k.Session.logout0(Session.java:2086)
	at org.jcq2k.icq2k.Session.shutdown(Session.java:3533)
	at org.jcq2k.icq2k.Session.shutdownAt(Session.java:3546)
	at org.jcq2k.icq2k.Session.loginSequence_50waitForWwwAolComPacket(Session.java:2034)
	at org.jcq2k.icq2k.Session.login_Oscar(Session.java:1206)
	at org.jcq2k.icq2k.ICQ2KMessagingNetwork.login(org/jcq2k/icq2k/ICQ2KMessagingNetwork.java:462)

Any ideas as to how to fix it? Thanks a million.


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