[icq-devel] Question on jcq2k: How to keep it alive

Sami K Makinen skmakine at cc.helsinki.fi
Mon Dec 10 14:15:56 CET 2001


I haven't seen anything like that, for me JCQ2K works for the most part.
However when I'm using JCQ2K it will sooner or later stop sending messages
(reports timeout sending message) and I have to reconnect it. Also there's
no non-fatal errors it seems :) if I try to send a message to a
non-existant recipient I again have to reconnect before anything works.

I'm all for developing JCQ2K further (and keeping it Open Source!), but I
know nothing of the V7 protocol, I only know V5. Also I'm a little
time-limited, but I can definitely help with debugging (as I'm using JCQ2K
as my regular day-to-day ICQ client).

How are things with you Joe, are you working on JCQ2K still?


On Mon, 10 Dec 2001, Steve wrote:

> Hi All,
> As ICQ protocol v5 is fading out, micq has stopped working any
> more. That left me with no choice but to make a text-based ICQ
> client for myself. I chose jcq2k (author: Filippov Joe) to be my
> starting point.
> My problem is:
> After the plugin logs in, everythings works great. But
> a few minutes (may be shorter, I didn't time
> it) later, I receive this error:
> ********************************************
> 33351425 changed its client status to offline
> [reason: icq server operation timed
> out: loginSequence_50waitForWwwAolComPacket]
> 33351425 reports exception:  org.jcq2k.MessagingNetworkException
> Error while login: icq server operation timed
> out: loginSequence_50waitForWwwAolComPacket
> ********************************************
> I *guess* the error was caused by the client not sending
> KEEP-ALIVE packets to the server or something like this.
> What modifications are needed to resolve the above
> problem? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks a lot.
> -steven
> P.S. I will turn my project into an open-source one once the
> above is solved.
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