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Lau, Jake Jake.Lau at Compaq.com
Mon Dec 10 04:46:24 CET 2001

Hi raddy, 
	I would like to mention there is a console icq client named micq
which is written in C. 
	However, the v7 protocol of micq is still in progress, your help
is appreciated.
	You can find more information on http://www.micq.org/ or
subscribe the mailing list at
	I am currently making some TCP implementation support to it, and
hope it will integrate with the v7 protocol sometimes.

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hey, right now im adding all kind of snac family id and subytes to my 
header file
in a tree -organized way.

my client right now sends the cookie to the 2nd BOS server, and receives

the first SERVER READY snac.

Ill be coding in a couple of seconds a function for parsing all incoming


i believe that once my base is complete, ill be rushing to start my 
first messaging. (i really hope so)

So im happy :)

am i the only guy in here whos coding in C Language a Console client for




(btw, massimo, your document along with the aim protocol description 
actually covers almost everything required to code a nice client..im 
pretty amazed with your reversed engeneering, congratulations).

>so what does your client do at the moment?

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