[icq-devel] weird scene

raddy rad2k at mail.ru
Sun Dec 9 23:11:52 CET 2001

hey, right now im adding all kind of snac family id and subytes to my 
header file
in a tree -organized way.

my client right now sends the cookie to the 2nd BOS server, and receives 
the first SERVER READY snac.

Ill be coding in a couple of seconds a function for parsing all incoming 

i believe that once my base is complete, ill be rushing to start my 
first messaging. (i really hope so)

So im happy :)

am i the only guy in here whos coding in C Language a Console client for 



(btw, massimo, your document along with the aim protocol description 
actually covers almost everything required to code a nice client..im 
pretty amazed with your reversed engeneering, congratulations).

>so what does your client do at the moment?

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