[icq-devel] weird scene

raddy rad2k at mail.ru
Sat Dec 8 16:13:54 CET 2001

hey guys,

well im into this new linux client v7 written in C.
ive finally made my first Login packet , and as soon as i read the four 
first server bytes 0001
i reply with this packet.

the weird thing is that im getting no server response at all, neither a 
disconnection attempt..

i dont think posting the entire packet in here will help since ive 
compared it with other v7 client packets and its the same thing besides 
the seq number.

Why could this be? wrong packet size? wrong seq?

shouldnt i get at least a disconnection attempt?

what im doing right now is listening for incoming data in my socket and 
dumping all
incoming data in a single buffer, but i get -nothing- at all.

please, help is appreciated, ill still try to find out whats going on.



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