[icq-devel] Direct Connections

Barnaby Gray bgrg2 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Dec 5 16:19:21 CET 2001

Okay, thanks for the notes Daniel.
Did you come across a third handshake that only v7-v7 clients do? I've
seen after the Init packet and then the Ack to this, a third packet
exchanged that has a start byte of 03. It seems to be this that my
client is falling over on.


On Wed, Dec 05, 2001 at 11:34:45AM +0100, Daniel Strecker wrote:
> the following are some notes i took when sniffing icq2000b
> peer-to-peer connections. i canceled the work on this topic,
> because i was not able to figure out the encryption of
> this protocol. (e.g. the first quarter of message packets
> is encrypted)
> i don't know whether this is still up to date, because
> the p2p protocols have subversions and the packet headers
> differ, dependent on these subversion.
> hope it helps,
> Daniel Strecker

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