[icq-devel] ICQ V5-- JAVA -- Strange connection problem

Patrick Malka ranoake at home.com
Thu Aug 30 01:02:19 CEST 2001

what about passwords? make sure you didnt hard code your password.  your
friends will have their own passwords as everyone knows.

> Wish you can help me to solve one strange problem.
> I write my own ICQ clone in JAVA. That works perfectly except one
> strange thing -- it only works perfectly on some specific UIN.
> Let me re-phrase it. I have three UIN which is generated by mirabilis
> ICQ and MICQ. All of them works very well on my own ICQ. One day, I
> got an UIN from my friend. She uses the UIN everyday, and she just
> lent me for testing. The UIN is from mirabilis ICQ too. But, it can't
> work on my own ICQ.( I can't let the UIN log on to ICQ server) It's
> pretty strange, so I start to collect other people's UIN to test my
> program. All the UINs I collect don't work on my program. (All of them
> can't log on to the ICQ server)
> Than's strange. My program can only let the three UIN logon!!!
> What I am doing for login is to pass uin into my method to create a
> packet. Then, I send the packet to the ICQ server. Also, I am sure
> every encryption is correct, because it works well on my THREE UINs.
> Thanks
> Candy
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