[icq-devel] (v5) about INVISIBLE LIST.

Alexander Vaga iron at adamant.com.ua
Tue Aug 28 08:34:02 CEST 2001

Hello Remy,
Monday, August 27, 2001, 7:33:19 PM, you wrote:

RL> You have to remember that there are several steps involved in logging in.
RL> Just because you said in the login packet that you're online doesn't mean
RL> you'll show online at all, because sending the invisible list is part of the
RL> login process and the server won't announce your status to anyone until
RL> after you've finished sending ALL of the login packets, at which time the
RL> server will then know who to show you as online and who not to.

Ok. You are absolutely correct.
But...  only I received server`s LOGIN_REPLY packet server announces
my (online) status to anyone.
It`s continuing short time until INV.LIST will be sent.
It`s fact.
I resolving it so:
1) I sending LOGIN packet with INVISIBLE_STATUS.
2) Loggin in. (login, login_reply, contact_list, inv_list, login_x1,
3) Finally, I changing my status ONLINE.

I understand so it`s little strange, but it works correctly.
May be server tracks: my client isn`t mirabilis client?

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